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At Champion, we custom design, build, and install your new door right here in the USA, ensuring the precise fit, and ideal look for your home.

Champion Doors Example

At Champion, we custom design, build, and install your new door right here in the USA, ensuring the precise fit, and ideal look for your home.

From Entry Doors, to Storm Doors, to French Doors and more — every Champion Door is Energy Star® Certified, available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and Comfort 365® glass window options. And every Champion Door is backed by our industry-leading Limited Lifetime Warranty.

With a track record of satisfied homeowners nationwide that spans over five decades, you can be confident that when you choose a Champion Door, you’re making the best decision for your home — and the family that it protects.

We Make the Door. You Make It Yours.

Champion Doors provide customized options that allow you to select the ideal look, material, and investment level for your home.

  • Your choice of ultra-durable steel or fiberglass material, with entry door options up to 8 feet tall
  • A large selection of door design options, including realistic wood grain
  • Clear, decorative, or mini-blind Comfort 365® glass windows
  • Water based, environmentally friendly paint and stain color selections
  • Entry door hardware offerings that include decorative levers and deadbolts, multi-point hardware for added security, mail slots, and more
Champion Doors Example

5 Signs that You Need a New Door


    The seals around your door age just as the door itself does, and when they do, they can shrink and crack — giving the cold air outside an open invitation into your home. If it isn’t the cold that makes you shiver, your energy bills certainly do.

    Besides giving bugs and drafts a thoroughfare into your home, cracks can be a sign that the door is structurally weak, which can be a serious safety concern.

    Condensation build-up between the panes of glass in your door is more than an annoyance; if you’ve got a wood door, the moisture can lead to health concerns in the form of mold and mildew.

    As door hinges wear down, the sound they make could very well be your door telling you “it’s time to replace me.” From both a functional and security point of view, squeaky hinges serve as a warning signal.

    When old doors warp and sag, they are not only difficult to open and shut properly, they can also cause damage to your floor as the bottom of the door scrapes across your floor’s surface.

Why Invest In a New Door?

According to and Remodeling Magazine, along with your roof and landscaping, your front door is the first thing that that a prospective buyer notices about your home.

According to Remodeling magazine’s annual Cost vs. Value Report, the top-ranking home improvement is a new front door, adding on average 96.6% of the amount you spend to the value of your home.

  • Installation

    Your Champion door(s) will be custom installed by expert installation technicians. Here is what you can expect before, during and after your installation.

    • Factory Re-Measure: Before we sintall your door, a technician will visit your home to re-measure everything and confirm all of your specifications – color, style, options, etc.
    • Installation Day: We will ask that you remove all items from the work area, secure your pets, and assure clear access for our crew. The Crew Leader will make sure you understand the entire process before work begins.
    • Clean-up: Our door installation team will clean up the installation site inside and outside, and haul away all job-related debris.
    • After Installation: We will do a walkthrough with you, to assure your complete satisfaction. We will show you all the features of your new door.

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